So here I am, writing on my new Ghost-driven blog (exciting…or not…depending on your point of view) while:

  • drinking peppermint tea
  • eating posh crisps and organic carrot sticks dipped in home-made homous
  • watching The West Wing on DVD
  • in my three-bedroom, semi-detached house in Swindon.

I feel like I’m in a stereotypical, middle-class, middle-England, middle-aged parody of my own life.

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  • irishmark

    ooooh – tis exciting. So this whole thing is running on Ghost? How was the installation and setup?

    • http://blog.wintle.me.uk/ Ross Wintle

      Ah, no. This here is running on WordPress still. The Ghost is linked (subtly) or is at http://ghost.wintle.me.uk

      Setup’s pretty complicated. Looks easy-ish if you want to run it locally on a Windows or Mac computer. Slightly more complicated if you want to run it locally on Linux.

      I got it up and running on a local, Linux-based dev server. Which was pretty complicated, and if I didn’t have good networking knowledge I’d have been VERY confused. http://ghost.wintle.me.uk is on an Amazon EC2 instance, which was even more tricky!

      Ghost won’t become popular until it’s easy to host…if at all!