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New game: “Daddy, Daddy!”

Board game idea: “Daddy, Daddy” (Mummy version is also available). It’s like snakes & ladders. The aim is to get out of the front door – the last square!

Let’s stop glorifying “Startups” and celebrate happy, successful businesses

I wish we’d stop glorifying Startup culture and start celebrating the many successful, happy, bootstrapped and lifestyle businesses that exist.

10 Things I’ve Learned

My friend/colleague/client Huw, has posted 10 things he’s learned recently and challenged me to do the same. So here goes. 10 things I’ve learned recently.

ARGH! I’m speaking at WordCamp London 2016!

I stupidly decided to submit a talk proposal to WordCamp London (a large UK WordPress conference). Amazingly, the proposal got accepted! Argh!

Side Project: UX for Everyone

In which I basically make a big song and dance about the fact that I have a new Twitter account and Facebook page.

Short-form all the things!

Seth Godin blogs 5 times a day but doesn’t use Twitter. I love my blog but I need to try to keep short-form. How can I better achieve that?

Seth Godin interview: Are you going to make change happen?

Seth Godin was the subject of an interview on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast recently – he said some interesting things about the power of public speaking.

A new addition: Ada Isabel

I can’t really keep a blog and then NOT post about such a massively life changing event as the arrival of a new child.

To launch, or not to launch; that is the question

In preparing for my WordCamp talk, a curated-content side project is happening. But when should I launch?

Thoughts on AMP

Some un-structured thoughts on Google’s (AMP) project and Facebook’s Instant Articles and how they might affect small publishers.

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