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Sketching: A tools update

You’ll be glad to hear, I now have some pencils for my sketching projects!

Sketching: Learning to draw lines

Seriously. I’m a competent, thirty-something professional person, and I’m having problems with drawing straight lines.

WebDevConf 2014 – full notes

Introduction Today was my first time at WebDevConf in Bristol. I was taking notes as I went. These are currently un-edited, and will probably make more sense to me than they will to others. But there might be useful tips… Continue Reading →

WebDevConf 2014 – Three things

Three main things that stood out from WebDevConf 2014

Knight Time?

With all this “smart” technology everywhere, has it occurred to anyone that we might only be a very small step away from…

Awesome communities

It’s late. But I’m up and by brain is, for various reasons, unusually not caffeine-related, buzzing. Partly because I’m really thankful this evening. Thankful because, both online and off, I’m part of some amazing communities of people who inspire and… Continue Reading →

Sketching: Tools

So if I’m going to take this sketching thing seriously, I’ll need some tools.

So you’re leaving?

[Old post] Written around the time I left my old job, his is a vagely amusing email exchange with a cyclist colleague of mine that’s worth saving.

Bruce Street Bridges: Never again

I’m not cycling Bruce Street again. My life is too precious. I’ll stop and use the half-baked pedestrian/shared infrastructure. Cycling feels dangerous.

Gruffalo selfie!

We went for a stroll in the deep dark wood!

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