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Just found this on the camera and love it. If Isaac looks weird it’s because he has a chocolate-covered face!

What will WordPress be?

Change is upon us! If you work with WordPress, that is. I won’t go into details on the WordPress REST API that’s going to be a part of the software soon, or of “Calypso” which is a new tool for edit… Continue Reading →


I tend not to comment quickly on things. I like to think. And, actually, quite often I don’t have time enough to think. I was travelling today. Travel time is good. It’s restful and gives me time to think. And… Continue Reading →

Not so rapid application development

I recently re-launched hasyourbabyarrivedyet.com, my super, super simple birth announcement service. I’ve rewritten it in Laravel: a PHP-based rapid application development framework. And one thing I learned is that launching even a super, super simple web application in public is… Continue Reading →

Going Ropeless

The impact of a simpler, freer life is clear. How much do we miss out on experiences because of caution, rules, expectations? Perhaps, sometimes, the risk of ‘going ropeless’ is worth it.

New Friend: Marin Muirwoods 29er review

An all-round, family adventure and commuting bike that brings out the inner hooligan. Bought from a fantastic local bike shop in Swindon centre. Me and my bikes So, a bit of history. I love bikes and cycling, as you can… Continue Reading →

All Change!

Isaac’s new room – November 2015. I’m not sure how we fitted in this redecoration project, but we did. It’s green!!!! (There’s a funky blackboard-wall out of view too. He’s taken to it really well and is sleeping in there on the first night after we finished it. YAY!!!

Police in Leicestershire and Real World Split Testing

Here’s a quick interesting thing. I’ve been wondering about whether or not anyone does split testing in the real world with physical things. For those that don’t know, split testing is where you do an experiment where you change something… Continue Reading →

Highly sensitive

I recently discovered the trait of High Sensitivity – it’s been a revelation to me and my family. Here’s why.

WordPress Commercialisation Concerns

A bunch of incomplete thoughts about the openness and commercialisation of WordPress

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