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Police in Leicestershire and Real World Split Testing

Here’s a quick interesting thing. I’ve been wondering about whether or not anyone does split testing in the real world with physical things. For those that don’t know, split testing is where you do an experiment where you change something… Continue Reading →

Highly sensitive

I recently discovered the trait of High Sensitivity – it’s been a revelation to me and my family. Here’s why.

WordPress Commercialisation Concerns

A bunch of incomplete thoughts about the openness and commercialisation of WordPress

Please. Don’t. Play with the…

With a pre-schooler, a simple activity, like trying to plug a hose into a water butt, turns into a mind-bending philosophical monologue.

WP Quick Image update

Yay! Pushed out v0.2 of WP Quick Image. It now lets you set a category, tag and other options for posts. See https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-quick-image/

I put a hat and scarf on!

I put a hat and scarf on!

Climate Change Lobby – An open letter to my MP

This week there was a mass lobby of parliament about the important global issue of climate change. I couldn’t make it, but I’m writing to my MP instead.

New Friend

My new bike – a Marin Muirwoods 29er – is truly a do-everything sporty, on-road, off-road, commuter and family adventure bike. I love it!

Achievement obtained: WordPress core contributor

Achievement obtained: WordPress core contributor

Daddy Status: Trainspotting… with bikes

Daddy Status: Trainspotting… with bikes

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