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First impressions count

First impressions count

Job Titles

I think that the distinction between developers and designers is actually an important one that we should keep, not throw away.

PayPal want your…face?

Thankfully, this isn’t quite “Pay with your face”. But it did make me wonder.

Making Fireworks

Making Fireworks

WordPress “Quick Image” plugin – alpha

I’m building a little WordPress dashboard widget for posting quick images to your blog. Here’s what it is and why I made it.

Invalid business type

A genuine validation error that makes me sad…

Worship at the Temple of Brunel

Worship at the Temple of Brunel

What’s your hereditary title name?

Here’s a cool thing to do. It’s called “What’s your hereditary title name?” A lesson in security perhaps?

Morning work

I love a bit of typography and page layout early in the morning.

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